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Matches Played

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Winter Competition - Grade 1
Winter Competition - Grade 2
Winter Competition - Grade 3
1 100
2 100
3 100
4 100
5 Seth, VarunThe Ponds Cricket Club010
6 Handa, SanjayWestern Sydney Club100
7 Gitte, Sanketh RRowdy Redbacks100
8 GENA, FARHANRowdy Redbacks100
9 Ranaweera, SherwinRowdy Redbacks100
10 Jesuthasan, Daniel RRowdy Redbacks100
11 Sripathmasri, DoraisamyThe Ponds Cricket Club010
12 Arshi, HamzaRowdy Redbacks100
13 Lenaduwa, Pathum SarangaRowdy Redbacks100
14 Sheth, ParinRowdy Redbacks100
15 Khan, Humayoun AWestern Sydney Club001
16 BOPARAI, PAVITTAR SINGHSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
17 Shahid, ZeeshanWestern Sydney Club001
18 Patel, PiyushWestern Sydney Club100
19 Thevaraj, StralinHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
20 Samuel, Lal MThe Ponds Cricket Club010
21 Ratra, SatpreetSingh AWestern Sydney Club000
22 Ougra, NavdeepSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
23 Samuel, SanthoshThe Ponds Cricket Club010
24 Partol, EkkamThe Ponds Cricket Club010
25 Patel, SachinkumarWestern Sydney Club100
26 Patel, KevinThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
27 Dubey, DaveWestern Sydney Club100
28 Nagendiram, AnujanRowdy Redbacks100
29 Sawant, Yogesh CGalungara Cricket Club 010
30 Bharadwaj, AshishThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
31 Singh, RashpalSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
32 Kummethi, SadiqGalungara Cricket Club 010
33 Pandurangan, SubashGalungara Cricket Club 010
34 Ramesh, RohitThe Ponds Cricket Club010
35 Singh, ShubhSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
36 Randhawa, ParamrajRowdy Redbacks100
37 Kumar, AjayWestern Sydney Club100
38 Shah, MitulkumarWestern Sydney Club100
39 Patel, DarshanWestern Sydney Club100
40 Muhammed Alawi, Muhammed RasmyWestern Sydney Club001
41 Tiwari, MadhavSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
42 Tiwari, NeerajSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
43 Kodamala, Seshu KVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
44 Balakrishnan, ManimaranVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
45 Susaimanickam, Daniel MVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
46 Srinivasan, PrassannaVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
47 Sripathmasri, KavishkarrThe Ponds Cricket Club010
48 Edlapalli, DineshGalungara Cricket Club 010
49 Rajenthiren, LathanrajHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
50 Patel, AbhishekWestern Sydney Club000
51 Waris, Muhammad HWestern Sydney Club000
52 Yogeswaran, ThanusrajHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
53 Singh, HarvinderSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
54 Peripi, GovardhanGalungara Cricket Club 010
55 Singh, UditSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
56 Dhawan, BharatThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
57 Mohamed Naeem, ShanRowdy Redbacks100
58 Guduru, Laxminarayana Reddy NGalungara Cricket Club 001
59 Naik, JimiThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
60 Sridhar, Kailash BharadhwajGalungara Cricket Club 001
61 Saxena, AmanSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
62 Shaga, PraveenGalungara Cricket Club 001
63 Abro, WaheedWestern Sydney Club000
64 Sohail, AsadWestern Sydney Club001
65 Puri, JalajSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
66 Lokababu, KesavrajGalungara Cricket Club 010
67 Binkam, NarasimhaGalungara Cricket Club 001
68 Naguleswarampillai, AravinthHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
69 KIRIGARAN, YOGARAJAHHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
70 Gaikwad, PrashantSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
71 Chopra, HarjeetSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
72 Nanda, Harsimran SSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
73 Subramaniam, GobinathanVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
74 Jaganathan, VadivelVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
75 SURI, RAHULSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
76 Kumar, BijayWestern Sydney Club000
77 Jathar, ShishirWestern Sydney Club000
78 Bheemidi, Laxminarsimha RGalungara Cricket Club 001
79 Narayanan, AthulWestern Sydney Club010
80 Bulusu, SuryanarayanaVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
81 Jain, VivekWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
82 Pineni, DevendranThe Ponds Cricket Club010
83 Hussain, MushirThe Ponds Cricket Club010
84 Chaitanya, KishanVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
85 Kuhenthiran, KujenHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
86 Srinivasan, Lakshmi NarayananVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
87 Singh, AjitpalGalungara Cricket Club 010
88 Ahmad, AzeemWestern Sydney Club001
89 Singh, ArshdeepWestern Sydney Club100
90 Brar, SimratWestern Sydney Club100
91 Singh, RandeepWestern Sydney Club100
92 Deo, Gunpreet SThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
93 Sandhu, CharanjitWestern Sydney Club100
94 Mayooran, MohanHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
95 Singam Setty, Shiva ChaitanyaGalungara Cricket Club 010
96 khoso, abdul rWestern Sydney Club001
97 Desharaju , SatyanarayanaGalungara Cricket Club 010
98 Peripi, Bala AdityaGalungara Cricket Club 010
99 Tammisetty, Sujith VarmaGalungara Cricket Club 010
100 Dutta, PrasenjitWestern Sydney Club000
101 Shekdar, ChandrashekharThe Ponds Cricket Club010
102 Patel, HirenThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
103 Gajjar, SagarThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
104 Rajesh, AthulGalungara Cricket Club 001
105 Joshi, KaranThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
106 Kannan, Mahesh KumarGalungara Cricket Club 001
107 Thanigasalam, RathieskanthHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
108 Pai, PrasadWestern Sydney Club010
109 Kumar, TarunWestern Sydney Club100
110 Venkataraman, Karthik BalajiVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
111 Raj, RejithWestern Sydney Club010
112 Shivarudrappa, SupreethVOne Sports Club Inc. 010
113 Navale, NitinGalungara Cricket Club 010
114 Thummala, MukeshGalungara Cricket Club 001
115 Kontham, PrabhakerGalungara Cricket Club 001
116 Jadhav, PrathameshWestern Sydney Club010
117 Budala, RaviThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
118 Singh, VishvjeetThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
119 Kiran, VikashThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
120 Patel, RajThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
121 Ankush, AnkushWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
122 Mohanta, JibanjyotiThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
123 Singh, GurpreetWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
124 Kumar, RajeshWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
125 Patel, SunnyThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
126 Zulfiqar, AzeemThe Ponds Cricket Club010
127 Khatkarh, RaviWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
128 Kalsi, Kuldeep singhThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
129 Karunasekara, Gamaatige YasiduWestern Sydney Club010
130 Tuladhar, SudeepWestern Sydney Club100
131 Imran, ShakilWestern Sydney Club100
132 Singh, HarpreetSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
133 Kalsi, Sukhjinder singhWestern Sydney Club100
134 Hassan, Syed Muhammad SuhaibWestern Sydney Club010
135 Ali, DaniyalWestern Sydney Club010
136 Singh, GurjotWestern Sydney Club000
137 Melvin, samuelThe Ponds Cricket Club010
138 Shinde, YashThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
139 Singh, AmardeepSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
140 khanna, AkshayThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
141 Paik, Azadvir singhThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
142 Rukhsar, MuhammadWestern Sydney Club010
143 anugu, vamshidharGalungara Cricket Club 001
144 Mann, JimmyWestern Sydney Club000
145 Singh, ManinderWestern Sydney Club100
146 Singh, DharminderWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
147 Sarshar, Mohammed ali mirwaisWestern Sydney Club000
148 singh, gurveerWestern Sydney Club000
149 Raza, MohsinThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
150 Ranganathan, GajanthanHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
151 Mahalingam, MalarvannanSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
152 Jambala, VamsiGalungara Cricket Club 001
153 Bidhan, Gurdeep SinghWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
154 Basati, AbhishekWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
155 Ravish, JatinWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
156 Singh, HardeepWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
157 Chamatla, VijenderGalungara Cricket Club 001
158 Bheemidi, Priyanshu ReddyGalungara Cricket Club 001
159 bonagiri, abhishekGalungara Cricket Club 001
160 Bahadur, AbhinavWestern Sydney Club010
161 Singh, SandeepWestern Sydney Club100
162 Palekar, NaveenWestern Sydney Club010
163 Singh, VarinderWestern Sydney Club100
164 siddiqui, safwanWestern Sydney Club000
165 Narwal, JaideepWestern Sydney Club100
166 Rangoonwala, ShivangWestern Sydney Club010
167 Raja, UmairWestern Sydney Club001
168 Singh, AmrinderSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
169 Sardar, BhupendraSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
170 Chawla, BalwinderSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
171 Dubey, PawanWestern Sydney Club010
172 Thukral, AbhimanyuThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
173 Tariyal, NeerajThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
174 Guwalani, GauarvThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club100
175 ravish, SahilWerrington Roos Cricket Club010
176 Krishnamurthy, VarunSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
177 BOPARAI, DAVINDER SINGHSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural010
178 Siddiqui, HamzaRowdy Redbacks100
179 Joseph, VinushanHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.000
180 Thineshkumar, SivakumarHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
181 Kumarapperuma, SuneraThe Blue Rising Stars Cricket Club001
182 Tiwari, AnjaniSuper Sikhs Sports and Cultural001
183 Yoganathan, SujeepanHills Strikers Sports Club Inc.100
184 Ullah, FaizWestern Sydney Club001
185 Sultan, AsadWestern Sydney Club001
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