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Batting Partnerships

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1168 Proteet Foisol - Sukhwant Sabharwal Plumpton - Glendenning Cricket ClubU14 Div 15 1 Glenwood Redbacks
2263 Ronin Dodds - Paul Schadel Kellyville Ridge Cricket Club Inc.10TH GRADE3 1 Blacktown City
3175 Yuvraj Manav - Manmeet Saini Super Sikhs Sports and Cultural6TH GRADE6 1 Blacktown Workers Senior
4138 Khurram Alavi - Antonio Pirello Blacktown City Cricket Club11TH GRADE5 1 The Ponds Cricket Club
5187 Imran Muhammad - Ali Ansari Rooty Hill RSL Cricket Club5TH GRADE5 1 Super Sikhs Sports and Cultural
699 Hussain Zaidi - Shabib Rizvi The Ponds Cricket Club10TH GRADE5 1 Blacktown City
7127 Luke Allen - col flaherty Bidwill Hotel Cricket Club9TH GRADE5 1 Blacktown Workers Senior
8227 Allen Christy - Deepak Rattan Blacktown City Cricket Club9TH GRADE2 1 Bidwill Hotel CC
9105 Zachary Turney - Bryce Wellings Rooty Hill RSL Cricket Club7TH GRADE4 1 Doonside
101624 Brayden Turner - Peter Tufnell Bidwill Hotel Cricket Club7TH GRADE2 1 Super Sikhs Sports and Cultural

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